free quote


1. Three ways to contact us:

a) Fill out the contact form on our website, under “Contact Us”
b) Send an email to (our CEO) or (our Business Development Manager)
c) Reach our CEO by sending a message on LinkedIn at

2. What files to send?

To receive a quote for shop drawings:

1) All architectural files and/or sketches to give us a comprehensive understanding of the scope of work (the better we understand your needs, the more precise the quote)
2) A sample of your finished drawing — should your drawing standards be in written form, please share them with us.
3) Any additional notes or requests

For us to begin renderings:

1) Please share anything you can, so that we can have the best understanding of your needs as possible.
Generally, in order to produce a model, we need at least a plan.
We provide you with a fixed-price quote asap — you should typically receive it in less than 24 hours.

3. Where to send the files?

Please email the files to or to Alternatively, you may upload them to DropBox or OneDrive.

4. Payment

We require a 20% prepayment. After we receive the prepayment, we begin work on the project. We deliver a sample Progress Drawings Kit (PDK) in order to assure that we are on the same page. Please make any corrections or suggestions to the PDK, so that we can reduce the number of further revisions. We use the PDK as a sample.

70% payment is due upon product delivery. We immediately divide projects into packages of approximately 200 hours each, and invoice you 70% of every package price, minus prepayment and the final payment.

The remaining 10% is invoiced as soon as any corrections are made and the project is completed.

5. How to make a payment?

We accept payment by PayPal or SWIFT bank wire transfer. We do not accept paper checks (they are not commonly accepted in European banks).

6. Corrections

We guarantee to send you regular drawings, and expect to receive corrections from you within 5 working days from the time you receive part of a drawing.

Our quote includes one round of corrections. For a second round of corrections, the rate is $4.99/hour.
A third round or any subsequent rounds of corrections is billed at $9.99/hour. We request that you mark all corrections on the .pdf files we send you. This will give us 100% clarity about what corrections you want.

Changes are not considered to be corrections (for example: when a floor plan or the construction of an object changes, or if some additional items are added to the overall scope). Changes are considered to be additional work, and billed at $9.99 per hour. We prepare a separate quote for changes, send it to you for approval, and begin working on any changes only after your written approval.

At first we send you “one day” drawings (drawings for the first object or room, in a Progress Drawings Kit or PDK) for your revision. This helps to guarantee that any further drawings will meet your needs and specs.
We send .pdf files for revision, and CAD files upon full payment.

7. “Rush Job”

We begin our projects from scratch, and follow correct technologies in order to assure a timely delivery and high quality results.
We are able to accept rush jobs, even quite considerable in size (e.g. expensive hotel or big casino completed in a week). Due to higher risks and inevitable overtime on such projects, we charge double plus a 50% prepayment for such urgent projects.

8. How to become our favorite client:

We guarantee a faster turnaround and specialized quote for repeat clients.

Please correct the Progress Drawings Kit (PDK); it has proven to save a significant amount of time for both our clients and ourselves.

Clients who provide us with written details about their drawing standards can expect a more precise and lower quote.